My first bike ride to Pawana Lake


After getting exhausted for the whole week of summer, me and my friend (Tausif) decided for a bike ride to a place where we can have a lake view and enjoy nature.

After a lot of search on Google we found Pawana Lake which is surrounded by four major forts Tung, Tikona, Lohagad & Visapur of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, which really made us excited and finally we plan to visit the dam on Saturday 13th April 2013.

I woke up around 7.30am with the excitement and call Tausif to get ready fast and told that will catch you at Somatne Phata at around 9.30am as he was joining me from Pimpri and Phata was around 42km (1.15min) away from my home (Kondhwa Khurd).

Lohagad Resort and Boating Club
Ducks owned by the Boating club
Finally I left my home at 8.15am and travel through pune city and reached Somatne Phata (on NH4 highway) at around 9.25am.

We continue our journey on NH4 and after few minute we took a turn heading towards Parandwadi and Shivane village, the road condition was not that good as it was a village road but after visualisation the destination we rarely consider the road condition and continue the journey surrounded by the village and reached a Pawana Nagar which is nearly 2 km before the Lake start and it’s the only place where u will get some food items and cold drinks.

We purchase some food items, cold drink and followed the road towards the “Lohagad Resort and Boating Club” and reached the Pawana Lake at around 10.40am.

We parked our bike at the “Lohagad Resort and Boating Club” parking area with only 5rs and had tea at the Boating club hotel, the hotel was too costly as it was the peak season and a weekend.

At “Lohagad Resort and Boating Club” you can enjoy boating, horse riding, indoor games, cricket, scenery view, water sports and they also provide stay options.

As it was the summer the water level was very low which formed an island in the Lake where you can go very easily and have overall exotic view of the Lake.

The remaining part of the Lake surrounding will be self-explanatory by the pic.
A ride to Pawana Lake

A ride to Pawana Lake
Pawana Lake at Summer
A ride to Pawana Lake

A ride to Pawana Lake
Pawana Lake at Summer
A bike ride to Pawana Lake
Me and my friend Tausif
A bike ride to Pawana Lake

A bike ride to Pawana Lake

A bike ride to Pawana Lake

A bike ride to Pawana Lake

A bike ride to Pawana Lake on honda stunner
Our ride Associates. 
Here's a map for reference:

This was my first memorable trip around pune which really made me a nature lover.

Best time to visit Pawana Lake will be the end of summer which is in the month of April-May as the water level goes down and form an island which is beauty of the lake or can be visiting in rainy season which is in the month of June-September to enjoy the beauty of surrounding expanse of the Lake.

Other places to visit near Pawana/Pawna Dam:

Thanks for reading this Travel Blog!! Happy Journey&Life!!

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