A trip to Mahabaleshwar (Elephant point)


Finally the time came to visit the finest nature spot around Pune which is approx. 120 Km and have the amazing beauty surrounded by.

There are many points which are too scenic and exotic which must be visited in Mahabaleshwar, out of which some are captured this time and soon remaining will be captured too.
A  bike ride to Mahabaleshwar from pune
Elephant point in Mahabaleshwar
The first point before reaching Mahabaleshwar was Parsi Point, Panchgani, Maharashtra which had a scenic view of Dhom Lake and mountain surrounded by.
A bike ride to Mahabaleshwar from Pune
Parsi Point, Panchgani, Maharashtra
A bike ride to Mahabaleshwar from Pune

A bike ride to Mahabaleshwar Pune
Table Land from Parsi Point, Panchgani
A bike ride to Mapro Garden Mahabaleshwar
strawberry with cream
Mapro Garden, Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Road, Maharashtra” best place around Pune for strawberry and strawberry with cream.
places around pune

A bike ride to Mapro Garden Mahabaleshwar
Mapro Garden, Panchgani Mahabaleshwar
Echo point which had the scenic eyesight of “Balakwadi Dam”, it is lively attraction of every tourist and it is also called as Kate point.
A bike ride from Pune to Mahabaleshwar
Balakwadi Dam view from Echo point
A bike ride to Echo Point Mahabaleshwar from Pune

A bike ride to Mahabaleshwar

A bike ride to Mahabaleshwar
Echo point in Mahabaleshwar
Elephant point has simply mesmerizing views and it is also known and Needle Hole Point as the vision creates a form of Needle in cloth sewing machine.
A bike ride to Elephant Point Mahabaleshwar from Pune
Elephant point in Mahabaleshwar
Venna Lake is one of the major tourist attractions of Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra state in India.

We can enjoy a boat ride over the lake or a horse ride next to the lake and number of small shop for snacks inline on the banks of the lake.
A bike ride to Venna Lake from Pune
Venna Lake Mahabaleshwar
A bike ride to Venna Lake from Pune
Venna Lake
Best place around Pune, Venna Lake
Venna Lake
Best Time to Visit 
It will be the rainy season (June mid to September End) for drizzly relaxation and winter season to enjoy the beauty of atmosphere.

Here's a map for reference from Pune to Mahabaleshwar:

Other places to visit in Mahabaleshwar:
Thanks for reading this Travel Blog!! Happy Journey&Life!!

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  1. Excellent photography & photos.................

    I love your photos :)

  2. Hi a great post, loved all the snaps taken, I would like to visit the place as said best time monsoon but I am now in Nagpur for work , will like to know is it easy to go from here and is a weekend enough?

    1. Hi, Thanks for visiting the blog and see you back again..:):)
      Nagpur to Pune is around 16Hrs journey and Pune to Mahabaleshwar is around 2.30Hrs Journey, which can be easy achieve by cab or personal vehicle.As you can plan to reach Pune by afternoon and reach Mahabaleshwar at evening and set down in a hotel near by and next day you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset which is famous point in Mahabaleshwar and leave by next day. Mahabaleshwar is suitable all over the year.Hope you have a nice journey.


  3. Amazing photographs specially Venna Lake which is one of the main attraction in Mahabaleshwar. Boating in Venna Lake is one of the favorite activities among the travels.

  4. Really all images were fantastic. Keep it up and post more travel experience with us.

  5. Mahabaleshwar is a hill station located in satara district of Maharashtra state Mahabaleshwar overall shows moderate and a very soothing climate making it favorable as a weekend spot. Ideally, this mahabaleshwar is to be visited during the summer especially between October and June.


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