Black Drongo Bird


The Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus) is a small Asian passerine bird of the Drongo family. 

Black Drongo Bird, Maharashtra, India
Black Drongo bird
  • It is glossy black bird with a distinctive wide forked tail and commonly found in the open agriculture farm and light forest, bare sit on or along power or telephone lines or thorny bushes. They may also rest on grazing animals. 
  • It is common neighbourhood in southern Asia from southwest Iran through India and Sri Lanka east to Southern China and Indonesia. 
  • They are fearless and aggressive birds with only 30cm in length, they attack larger species of birds (including crows) who attack their nesting area. This actions lead them to their former name of King Crow. They fly with strong wing and are capable of capturing flying insects.
Black Drongo Bird, Maharashtra, India

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