Barbeque Nation – Pune – Pimpri


Today I just thought to start a trend to share a photo of food as “Food Post” to make sure that I post something on this blog whenever I have food outside or visit to some famous eateries in town. Simply sharing the photo is not enough right? So I will be sharing a photo with the name of the place where it was click and few details if possible about the place and dishes.
Barbeque Nation – Pune – Pimpri
Grill Concept at Barbeque Nation
For now, my Food Post is of the famous Barbeque Nation Restaurant which features tableside grilling of meats & veggies as well as buffet specials.
Barbeque Nation – Pune – Pimpri
Team Lunch at Barbeque Nation
Barbeque Nation – Pune – Pimpri
Main Course at Barbeque Nation
Barbeque Nation Restaurant is Pioneers of Live Grill Concept in India. This place is known for any celebrations, Family dinner and Team lunch/Dinner. It is best for Barbecues/kebabs & Starters. It features unlimited Food including Starters, Main Course, Desserts, Kulfi's etc.
Barbeque Nation – Pune – Pimpri
Barbeque Nation
Barbeque Nation – Pune – Pimpri
Dessert at Barbeque Nation
Barbeque Nation – Pune – Pimpri
Famous Pan Kulfi at Barbeque Nation
Thanks for reading this Food Post!! Happy Journey&Life

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